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About the Artist

One of Jan's first memories is of going wild with a tube of lipstick on the bed sheets. Though her her talent wasn't appreciated so much at age 3, Jan's urge to 'decorate' any big, blank space is still there. You can see her award-winning street paintings at chalk festivals around the country, and her murals at establishments in Ohio and even Mexico.    


She especially enjoys creating commissioned portraits in pastels or watercolor--combining bold colors and fresh strokes while still achieving accurate representations of her subjects.

Jan continues to explore new creative media, including ceramics, encaustic painting, woodburning, cartooning, stained glass and mosaics.     

You may have seen her donated artwork or graphics at fundraising events for a number of local animal rescue organizations. 


Jan's graphic design business, Solari Design, is based in Columbus, Ohio.

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Jan Solari

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